Engineering and design services continue to be

a driving force in the company’s evolution.


DefendTex design capabilities have brought several revolutionary products to the marketplace by transforming ideas into sound technology.


Design projects we have performed for our customers include the following technology areas:


–  High Pressure Sniper Rifle

–  Anti-RPG intercept time lines/projectile

–  Anti-torpedo intercept and effect

–  Missile Defense concepts and designs

–  Adhesives Research

–  Energy absorbing materials

–  Pneumatic ballistics systems

–  Aircraft Missile defense concepts and designs

–  Aircraft self-defense concepts/designs (Chaff & flare dispensers)

–  Weapon and sensor compatibility for high speed intercept of incoming


–  Projectile and warhead design and refinement

–  Optical Systems for sighting and targeting

–  Fire Control Systems

–  Propelled munitions investigations

–  Biometrics

–  Less Lethal weapons

–  UAV/UGV applications and integration

–  Shipboard defense systems’ design and concepts

–  Vehicle defense concepts

–  Weapons integration capabilities (AICW/MAUL/3GL)

–  Special Operations (SOCOM) concept weapon designs

–  Robotic weapons platforms