Features & Benefits

DefendTex Metal Storm technology is differentiated by a number of core elements including:


–  Munitions stacked inside the barrel

–  Projectiles that are electronically fired

–  The ability to group barrels in any configuration – from single barrel weapons

   to multi barrel pods

–  High firepower to weight ratio

Core Advantages

The elements which differentiate DefendTex Metal Storm technology provide for a number of key capability advantages not available from conventional weapon technology. These include:


–  Increased lethality from conventional munition warheads

–  Cumulative effect of firepower

–  Simultaneous delivery of different munitions

–  Instant selectable choice of munitions

–  Variable rates of fire

–  Intense bursts of firepower – repeatable

–  Scaled response

–  Remote operation

Fully Reloadable

All DefendTex Metal Storm weapon systems are fully reloadable. Reload options include fully individual round reload, a click together “stack” of rounds for multiple reload capability, or where required a reloadable multi shot cartridge is available.


Reloading DefendTex Metal Storm technology is as straightforward and as simple as any other weapon system.


Greater Lethality

Lethality and the delivery of firepower onto a target are critical aspects in the application of firepower. The firing of current munitions in a different manner is a very significant way of creating an effect on target and improving/enhancing lethality. This is a hallmark of DefendTex Metal Storm technology, with lethality being improved in the following manner:

– Cumulative effect of firepower. Because all rounds are stacked in the barrel and fired electronically, DefendTex Metal Storm has the ability to deliver munitions at extremely high rates of fire – but it’s not about quantity. For example, four rounds of 40mm HE munition all delivered onto a target at the same time provides a much greater effect than four rounds hitting the target one behind the other, 20 feet apart. When 4 DefendTex Metal Storm fired munitions hit the target at almost the same time, which can be repeated, the lethality of those warheads is increased markedly through the unique delivery of that firepower.



– Lethality is also enhanced through greater control of fire missions and the ability to almost instantly select different munitions for different targets. Fully selectable fire missions can be configured ranging from a single shot through to multiple shots. These fire missions may be in the form of a small curtain of fire, a swarm of munitions or convex or concave shaped multiple munitions. All these capabilities provide a cumulative lethality effect much greater than several single 40mm munitions arriving individually.



– DefendTex Metal Storm technology provides the ability to fire munitions onto a target in groups of any size, shape and sequence in much greater proportion to the size of the weapon. The technology allows single and multi barrel weapon systems to apply significant firepower onto a target compared to conventional weapons; thus providing a high firepower to weight ratio. For example, the equivalent of a 6kg munition can be delivered in 12 pieces but provides the lethality effect on target of all 6kg at once.