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The 3GL™ is a lightweight semi-automatic 3 shot 40mm grenade launcher designed for military and Special Forces operations.
The 3GL™ can be used as a lightweight, compact standalone weapon or can be under slung onto an assault rifle.
At just a fraction of the weight, length and profile of any other 40mm semi-automatic grenade launcher, the 3GL™ is particularly suited to:
– Military Operation in Urban Terrain (MOUT)
– Special Forces Operations where compact, high firepower capability is needed
– Patrols in hostile, high contact environments where immediate, high value grenade firepower is needed
– Wherever conventional M203/M320 or multi shot grenade launchers are currently deployed.
The 3GL™ uses DefendTex’s unique stacked round system to eliminate the bulky mechanical action of conventional multi-shot grenade launchers. Operators simply load 3 x 40mm grenades, one behind the other into the breach. Once fired the 3GL is completely empty. As there is no cartridge cases to eject, reload is fast and simple.
3GL™ munitions employ the same 40mm grenade warheads as conventional launchers, but with up to three rounds on target instead of one the effect is both overwhelming and accurate.
The 3GL™ is light enough for military and Special Forces operators to take advantage of semi-automatic grenade firepower while still carrying a primary assault rifle. When firepower domination is critical the 3GL™ can provide immediate, targeted suppression of an enemy without reducing the number of assault rifles in the squad.

3GL Features:
– 3 shot semi-automatic grenade launcher
– Rapid fire, up to 3 shots per second
– Range up to 400m with HE grenades
– No mechanical action to cycle between shots
– Rapid reload – no empty cases to eject
– Uses a range of proven conventional 40mm warheads
– Stand alone or simple picatinny rail mount for combat rifles

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3GL Advantages:
– 3 time the firepower of conventional grenade launchers
– Rapid covering fire enhancing immediate effect on first contact
– Firers maintain eye contact with the target between shots increasing accuracy and terminal effect.
– Compact form factor well suited for urban and special forces operations
– Light enough to carry as a second weapon in addition to a combat rifle
– Can be carried with 1, 2 or 3 rounds loaded depending on the threat level and rapidly loaded to capacity as necessary.

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