DefendTex was established in 2014 and is an Australian owned company who services military and law enforcement communities around the world. Our vision is to be a world leader in defence technology with a wide portfolio of locally designed and manufactured defence capabilities equipping the Australian and allied defence forces.

DefendTex has company headquarters in Australia, where administration and engineering functions are located as well as prototyping and production facilities. DefendTex also has offices in the USA and UK to facilitate a relationship with Department of Defence and law enforcement agencies and to reach export markets.

DefendTex is recognised as one of the most innovative defence technology companies in Australia. DefendTex is focused on delivering tactical level technology where there are capability deficiencies. State of the art facilities along with an extensive design and engineering team, enable DefendTex to produce world leading weapons technology. DefendTex invests significantly in research and development. It has a management structure in place to successfully deliver contracts and provide sound governance across all functions.

DefendTex has entered into Bilateral research agreements with Australian and international research partners including universities and Defence Science and Technology Group. DefendTex has partnered with over 30 universities and research institutions to develop new technology for defence, law enforcement industries with many technologies benefitting civilian applications such as mining, oil and gas and the construction industries.

DefendTex’s core capabilities span across the following platforms;

Additive Manufacturing
Armour Systems

Radar and Sensing Systems
Autonomous Systems
Responsive Access to Space
Unmanned Platforms

Precision Guided Weapons
Personal Protection

Propulsion Systems
Maritime Services

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