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FireStorm™ FURY is a configurable multi-barrel, multi-caliber crew-served or remotely operated electronic weapon system that provides escalation of force and scalable effect across less lethal and lethal continuum.
The system can be mounted to fixed or mobile platforms to provide mission support for operations to include:
– Military Operations on Urban Terrain (MOUT)
– Reconnaissance Patrol
– Border Patrol
– Critical Infrastructure Protection
– Crowd Control

FireStorm™ has successfully demonstrated its capabilities under separate contracts for the U.S. Navy and U.S. Army. Recent demonstrations have proven the system capable of delivering High Explosive (HE) and a range of less lethal munitions. FireStorm brings the operational community a total force continuum application.
– No Moving Parts
All Metal Storm guns have no moving parts for high reliability.
– Safe Operation
FireStorm features a number of mechanical and electrical interlocks
making it one of the safest guns to operate.
– Cost Effective
FireStorm is inexpensive to acquire, use and maintain.
– Plug & Play Operation
FireStorm requires only DC power and an ethernet connection for
– Unattended All-Weather Operation

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FireStorm is environmentally sealed allowing for all-weather operations for extended periods without continuing maintenance requirements.

– Configurable crew-served or remotely operated weapons system.
– Multi-barrel, multi-caliber capability; Agnostic to caliber – up to 60 mm.
– Lightweight and compact for stationary or mounted, manned or unmanned platforms.
– Overwhelming Delivery of Firepower
– Less Lethal, Lethal, or Both
– Deterministic Fire Control – Burst rates to 20,000 rpm
– Managed lethality
– Escalation of Force » less lethal to lethal munitions
– Scalable effects » simultaneous delivery of rounds for increased effects
– Electronically Fired Stacked Munitions
– Sustained Firepower before Reload
– Integrated target acquisition (video & LRF) and assisted aiming
– Articulated mount (optional)
– Low Maintenance and Supportability Requirements
– Easy integration with other platforms