Custom formulations for law enforcement applications including water soluble pepper solution. The OC38 holds an increased pressure rating, for higher overall performance and a flip-top firing mechanism with use indicator for safe and reliable operation. The OC38 unit is omnidirectional and can be used in any angle to engage the target. It is entirely free from CFC or combustible propellant gases and is fully compatible with electronic immobilisation devices due to a fully non-combustible pepper gel formulation. The configuration of the system can be altered with respect to pepper strength, canister size and nozzle type to suit tactical requirements.

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  • Flip-top firing mechanism with use indicator
  • Increased canister pressure to increase performance
  • Omnidirectional use
  • Bag on valve technology to separate active agent from propellant
  • No CFC or combustibles in propellant or pepper gel
  • Gelled, water soluble pepper solution
  • Immobiliser compatible
  • Configurable design to suit tactical performance
  • Australian design and manufacture

For more information about DefendTex OC Spray please contact;

Operations Manager
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