DefendTex’s Low Profile Body Armour technology is based on a very thin ultra-high hardness steel strike face in place of the brittle ceramic used in conventional body armour plates. The higher density of steel makes the LPBA system as little as half the thickness of a ceramic counterpart whilst being weight competitive with silicon carbide armour plates. Additionally, the LPBA plates have far superior multi-strike and edge performance owing to the greater toughness of steel.

These plates can also survive rough handling and damage from non-ballistic impacts that would render a ceramic plate un-fit for service. Options are available for protection against common NIJ Level III+ threats in either a standalone configuration or in-conjunction with a high-performance soft armour insert.


DefendTex has developed a unique covert body armour system that utilises a number of design features to increase performance and minimise detection. The system comprises of lightweight, ultra-thin hard armour inserts that are neutrally buoyant and can provide two different protection levels – hand gun and rifle.

The armour inserts are ergonomically designed with unique front and rear curvatures to improve the fit of the plates, reducing the signature of the armour and increasing range of motion and comfort for the wearer. The armour inserts are secured in a lightweight carrier that is optimised to limit the detection of the system while also reducing heat stress and fatigue for the wearer.