DefendTex is an international defence company headquartered in Australia, servicing military communities around the world. Our vision is to be a world leader in defence technology with a wide portfolio of locally designed and manufactured defence capabilities equipping the Australian and allied defence forces.


Unmanned Systems

DefendTex has a variety of deployable, compact and low cost Unmanned Aerial Vehicles suitable for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance purposes.

Protective Systems

DefendTex has developed a unique covert body armour system that utilises a number of design features to increase performance and minimise detection.


DefendTex's custom formulations for law enforcement applications including water soluble pepper solution.


DefendTex’s energetics manufacturing facilities include storage, QA, explosive lab and production facilities for cast composites and Polymer Bonded Explosives (PBX).

Precision Guided Weapons

DefendTex’s state of the art precision guided weapon offers short range precision strike fired by the individual solider.

Loitering Munitions

DefendTex’s UAV platform with energetic payload for kinetic effect.

Rotating Detonation Engine

DefendTex's world leading high performance Rotating Detonation Engine.



DefendTex is recognised as one of the most innovative defence technology companies in Australia servicing global defence markets.


As one of Australia’s leading defence research companies, DefendTex has a strong, credible reputation for collaborative engagement with Universities.

Maritime Services

DefendTex Horizon is a maritime research vessel available for charter.

Education Opportunities

DefendTex offer a number of tiered educational pathways for Early Career Researchers, PhD Scholarships, Internships and Final Year Projects.

Career Opportunities

DefendTex is always looking for great talent to join the team.

About Us

DefendTex is an Australian owned company with offices situated in Australia, USA and UK. We specialise in Defence R&D and manufacture of disruptive battlefield systems.

AUSTRALIA: +61 (3) 9013 0185
USA: +1 (435) 255-1944
UK: +44 (0) 1395 577734